Hyundai Venue Projector Headlamp with Matrix Indicators


Item: Projector Headlamp with DRL and Matrix Indicators
Brand: Volmax
Compatible: Hyundai Venue all year model
Input: 12V DC
Output: 55W
DRL Color Temperature: 6000K
Lens Diameter: 3 inch
Material: ABS high quality

Shipping: All Over India
Shipping Charge: Applicable
Return: Under Policy
Exchange: N/A
Warranty: applicable with the HID kit, under 1 year / 2 years According to HID kit selection

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Hyundai Venue Projector Headlamp

Hyundai Venue Projector Headlamp comes with Matrix Indicators.

About the headlight

  • Brand: Volmax
  • Material: ABS high quality
  • Headlamp type: Projector inside
  • DRL temperature: 6000K
  • Indicator: Matrix indicators integrated inside
  • Bulb: Halogen installed by default
  • HID: Halogen can be replaced with HID for better output.

About HID conversion Kit inside

  • Popular brands HID kit is offered with every package.
  • Brands like iphcar, crystal eye, Iglobal, AES GS, Aozoom (german brand)
  • Comes with 55 watt fast bright ballast for each HID bulb.
  • 4300 kelvin, 5200 kelvin, 6000 kelvin, bulbs are available.
  • 3 times more brighter than Halogen.
  • Upto 3400 hours life span for better performance.
  • Input of 12 volt DC


  • The headlight is compatible with Hyundai Venue, any year make model.


  • Recommended to install by any professional
  • For self installation, please follow any DIY video or blog.
  • Direct plug and play setup with no alteration with halogen inside
  • For HID inside, master wiring harness needed to be used.
  • No wire tampering required on halogen or HID, any setup.
  • A separate wire for indicators needed to be connected with the regular indicator wires.
  • Regular switch will be used to operate the new headlamp.
  • Double check every connection with the insulation properly before the finalizing.

Inside the Package

  • 1 set of Hyundai Venue Projector headlamp with DRL and Matrix Indicators.
  • 1 Set of required wiring harness and fitment materials.
  • On purchasing with HID: 1 pair of HID bulb, 1 pair of HID ballast, 1 set of master wiring harness, 1 set of fitting materials.


  • Projector, DRL, Turn signal, is not coming under warranty policy.
  • By purchasing with HID kit, warranty will be applicable on HID bulb and ballast.
  • Warranty validity can be of 1 year or 2 years, depend on the brand of HID kit being purchased.
  • Warranty on any manufacturing defect. Any kind of physical damage or relevant issues, will not be entertained.

Why choose Volmax Brand Projector Headlamp for Venue?

The Projector headlamp for Venue offered by Volmax, is high quality, efficient, and long lasting headlamp. And the headlamp by Volmax is under budget, which will save a big part of your pocket. Hence, while shifting from regular headlamp to projector headlamp for Hyundai Venue, choosing Volmax headlamps is a good option to go for.

Why to upgrade regular headlight with Projector Headlight for Venue?

We all have faced a very common issue while night riding. The issue with a poor light intensity on road. Projector headlamp is a very good solution for the issue of poor light intensity. Where, the light output we get is 3 times brighter than the regular headlamp, and also, it gives us a wide angel view of the road, which makes us comfortable while riding during night times. Specially in the highways.
And, upgrading with HID kit inside it, gives us much brighter illumination comparatively to halogen bulb.

Still have any queries? 
Feel free to WhatsApp at 8013592296 and get connected with us directly. 

Fitting instructions

  • Required to open the front bumper.
  • Remove the regular headlamp by unplugging all the connections attached.
  • Place the new Projector Headlamp with DRL and Matrix Indicator gently, by connecting the direct plug.
  • The turn signal connection to be made manually with the connection of the stock turn signal.
  • For HID kit, the ballast should be placed on a secure space inside, by fixing it properly, or else the ballast might get damaged while running.
  • The master wiring harness for HID, should be well insulated and fixed properly with the body, so that it does not come off from its position.
  • Screw the headlamp properly, to avoid any physical damage.


  • Car warranty effect: By replacing the regular headlamp with the projector headlamp, the car warranty will not be effected, as it will be plug and play without any major wire tampering.
  • Product warranty application: Contact to our direct number to apply for any required warranty.
  • Any local mechanic will be able to fit it: Yes, but the mechanic should be professional.

Additional information

Bulb Type

Halogen, Regular Branded HID, Aozoom German Brand HID


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