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Founder of Motovil India
I am Rohit Karmakar

I am thrilled to welcome you to our online store

Where we are providing aftermarket parts and accessories for cars, to enhance the features and performance of your beautiful vehicle.

I love cars and motorcycle very much, hence I know the value of your vehicle as well. And that is the reason we list each product after meeting certain parameters, and deliver every item with love and passion.

With my experience of over a decade, and your love, I am on a mission to create a one stop platform for all your automobile needs.

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How we started?

In 2018, we began an online journey to address various significant concerns in the automobile sector.

The decision to launch was fuelled by a mix of issues such as an unorganised market, an innovation gap, unauthorised deals, and the desire to create a better market place for automobile parts and accessories, all of which contributed to our goal and vision. is on a quest to build a better market place for our clients, where an individual can meet their needs online with a few clicks rather than visiting an offline market place and wasting time and energy.

Why Motovil ?

We stand apart in the automobile business with our distinctive features, values, and customer-centric approach.


We promote modern shopping and vehicle upgrades.


100% genuine products sourced from manufacturers 


Transparent post purchase policies for hassle free experience

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Clear set of objectives and goals

Establishing a comprehensive, user-friendly online marketplace for car transactions, information, innovation, and community building in the automotive industry.
The ultimate goal is to give buyers, sellers, enthusiasts, and industry experts a seamless and enriching automotive experience.

innovation seeker

Innovation Seeker

Our forward-thinking team actively seeks out innovation solutions and technologies to improve the driving experience, enhance safety reduce environmental impact, and enhance overall vehicle performance
educational resources

Educational Resources

We give a multitude of educational information, articles, and guides through direct connection to empower consumers to make informed vehicle accessory and modification part purchases.



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