General Cancellation Policy

For cancellation login to account and request for the cancellation. Our team will proceed with the cancellation accordingly.

Refund amount of the cancellation will be initiated immediately and the amount will get reflected in account within 5-7 working days, accordingly to payment gateway partner.

For any other query, you may write us at [email protected]

General Return Policy

you may apply for return for any damaged products, or products received do not match with the display in, or any product that do not fit to your vehicle. In any case, the motovil RSP will ask for a proof by video shoot that clearly describing the issue you are facing with the product that you have purchased from

The general return policy are applicable to all items sold on Generally there are three types of products you will get in,
1. Motovil Verified Product
2. Seller verified Products
3. Motovil Exclusive Products with the logo **

1. Eligible to apply for return
a. Item received damaged.
b. Item Do not fit to your vehicle.
c. Item received do not match the display item on
d. Item having missing parts or accessories
Kindly Note: Products that are marked as “not-returnable” on the product description cannot be applied for return.

2. Item being requested to return shall be kept as it is while purchasing, the package, the invoice or bill, the parts and accessories, the packaging materials, and each and every single thing while receving the item, should be kept as it is. If we the Checking Officer finds any missing or damaged particular, then the return request will be rejected. For more self confirmation, Please check the return policy mentioned in each item while purchasing.

3. Kindly note,
a. items those are verified by the seller is not eligible for return request.
b. items those are Verified by Motovil is eligible for return request
c. items those are Exclusive by Motovil is also eligible for return, and this process will be done in lighting speed.

4. If the vendor is not capable to deliver the needful for three times, the firm will cancel the transaction and refund the amount to the buyers account.

5. In cases if someone order wrong item for wrong vehicle, (eg: Jhonny ordered Royal Enfield Alloy Wheels, but he is owning a Hero Splender) then the Company will not be liable to accept the return request.

1. Before paying, have a nice look over the descrition of the product you are going to buy
2. Look for Verification details of the product you want to buy
3. If needed, you may also contact Motovil Support Center to double check if the product fits for your vehicle. wants to give a safe zone to all genuine buyers.