Q. Shall I get the exact product that are displayed in the website?
A. assure you that you get the exact product else motovil will be responsible to rectify even if you get
mismatched product.

Q. What if I get a damaged product delivered?
A. will ask for a proof like a video shoot of unpacking the package to grant the exchange of that damaged good
by the seller. So, keep your camera ready and never worry.

Q. What if the product does not fit my vehicle?
A. You will get the replacement by the seller.

Q. How can motovil help me with the fitment of few products where mechanics are required?
A. for the first time is initiating with this facility where you will also be provided with a mechanic who will
visit your address to get the parts fitted and make it ready to go for you. is creating the biggest team of
mechanics around the nation to provide the fastest service ever.

Q. What if any malfunctions happen, shall I be provided with the mechanic again?
A. After any sells, the product company will take care of that part or the mechanic who is fitting the product will take
care of it, where you need to deal with them, as motovil is just providing a mechanic but we are not taking any
responsibility for any malfunction.

Q. What about warranty?
A. Any product needed for warranty purpose will be taken care by the seller or the product company. will
arrange the process for you.

Q. Quality of the product?
A. belives in quality, therefore, the website assures you to provide only quality marked products. Please check
the descriptions carefully.


Q. What if I miss the delivery?
A. Generally the courier company notify you by call or sms before deliverying, where you can directly instruct them about
your presence or any other point. Else, still if you miss, the courier company will definetely contact you to complete the
delivery process.

Q. What if my delivery delayed?
A. You will be provided with the exact courier details by where you can use that tracking ID to detect the
present location or contact with the courier company to get an update on delivery.

Q. Can I accept the shipment after opening the courier and checking the product?
A. As per shipment policy, the parcel cannot be open before delivery else any request against the parcel cannot be
accepted. In any concern, you may accept the parcel and contact with

Q. How do I know that my order has actually been confirmed and delivered?
A. With the confirmation of the order, you will receive an email and sms about the order confirmation where your invoice
will be sent and after the dispatch, you will also receive another email or sms about the tracking details of your order.
In any assistance you may feel free to contact our helpline.


Q. Can I cancel or return any product that I purchased?
A. You need to check the descriptions carefully where it will be mentioned wheter the product is eligible for return or
cancel. If it is not eligible, you cannot cancel or request for return of the product. Else, you can follow our return
request procedure.

Q. How long will it take to replace?
A. After we receive a replacement request, we initiate the process immiedietly if we find it genuine. As per the procedure
to be replaced by the seller, it is totally depended upon the seller to initiate and complete the replacement process ASAP.

Q. What if I get again any damaged product in replacement?
A. gives 2 chances to the seller for replacing and deliverying the real value, on the exceeding of the chances, will cancel the order and return the amount to customers bank account.

Q. Why I don’t see any cancel button beside my order?
A. This is because either the order has been delivered or the order is non-returnable product.

Q. What happens when we click on the cancel button?
A. You will get a call from our support team and either accept or reject the cancel request (reject as per description
given under product)

Q. Time period to send any return or replace request?
A. You need to send your request within 24 hours after the product is delivered.


Q. Is fitting facility available with all the products?
A. There are certain products you may check in which needs any experts hand on fittment, other than those
products, it is not neccessary to have an expert hand. Kindly check the specifications while confirming a buy.

Q. Is fitting facility depends upon the price range of the product?
A. Not really, rather it depends upon the need. For Example, you bought an aftermarket headlight for your car, here you
dont need any experts hand as these headlights come with plug and play options where any car mechanic can fit it for you.
So, why spend extra on experts? But still if you need any, we may help you out.

Q. is offering service outside India?
A. The firm has initiated with its idea recently only in India.

Q. Can I send a Gift?
A. Yes you can, just change the delivery address and mention as “Gift” in description.


Still have queries?

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