Creators Den Registration Request Terms and Conditions

1. All the contents, logo, and other visual media that are created by Motovil India is the companies own property
and is protected by company laws, therefore, any copyright caught by the company will be taken seriously and take legal
action againt the person or organisation or the company.

2. If the registered user is caught abusing or any sole discretion, then the user’s account will be terminated from
the website permanently.

3. The link of your site will be the property of Motovil India, hence, you will not be authorized to use the link
or design to use in any other website.

4. Registation Request is not the final step to get your own page, after registration request the company will
contact you with all the best schemes available for you to get the best viewers and after some more steps the company will
create and viral the personalized page.

5. Company also may not accept the request if it doesn’t meet the minimum eligibility.

6. Company keeps the right and reserve to cancel/withdraw a running aggrement in aspect of any human disaster like
abusing, miss use of the page, or any act that effects the reputation of Motovil India.

7. You are sharing your details with Motovil India, and the company assured to keep every information and details
behind the safe lock.