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projector retrofitting

Retrofitting is the process of installing any Bi-Xenon Projector setup into a regular reflector based halogen headlights. Upgrading the regular headlight to Projector headlight is one of the best option to solve the low light intensity during night ride. We are very much experienced with the hazards of facing confident-less driving even in economy speed during night due to the low light intensity from our regular halogen headlight, to avoid such hazard and to drive confidently at any speed during night time, it is recommended to go with the process of retrofitting a perfect Projector setup. 

Retrofitting Provide us with, More light output, brighter than halogen, Less energy consumption, More life span, Wider Angle View, Helpful in Corners.

Retrofitting process is not that difficult now a days. With the perfect tools and guidance, any body can go with the Do-It-Yourself process on any Saturday. 

Following parts required:

  • Projector Lens/Body
  • Shroud
  • Specific HID bulb
  • Ballast
  • Wiring Harness

The above parts are available separately according with the choice of specifications, or it can be bought at once which is called to be Projector Kit. 

Next is the main part to disassemble the headlight unit. For that some specific tools are required to get it done. First, a space to bake the headlight assembly like microwave is required, which will heat the assembly firmly. Hot air gun can also do the work. Second, headlight glass puller required to remove the glass from the Housing. Then slowly and firmly remove the glass only in hot state. (Work under experts surveillance)

After removing the glass, next step is to install the projector body/lens in the reflector of the headlight. After this installation, the reflector will not be used as the light reflector anymore, as the projector lens will be delivering the light output. To install the projector with the reflector, some materials are required which is added with the projector setup by default. Then place the shroud with the projector and clean it up with fine microfiber cloth and get it ready to reassemble the headlight.

After inserting the HID bulb from behind the projector, it is time to connect it with the Ballast. Ballast is the main circuit which will ignite and drive the HID bulb at its required intensity. The wiring harness to be connected with ballast and positive/negative connections. (Recommend to work under experts surveillance)

For the DIY Process you may contact us or we may also do the installation for you. 

Projector Kits are available on our online portal. 

  1. What is the Difference Between HID Projector and Halogen?
    HID Projector is Brighter than Halogen
    HID Projector consumes lesser energy than Halogen
    HID Projector give wider angle view on road which halogen reflector cannot give.
    HID Projector provides longer life span.
  2. Retrofitting HID Projector is Legal?
    Upto 6000K intensity is road legal. We provide 4300K 5000K and 6000K HID
  3. Retrofitting will Void Car Warranty?
    The Retrofitting process does not required to tamper with wiring, therefore, there is no possible chance of warranty void. 
  4. Warranty on the setup?
    Projector body comes with 2 years warranty, HID Bulb comes with 2 years warranty, Ballast comes with 1 to 3 years warranty, Wiring Harness comes with 6 months warranty. (Can be different on few models, check specification before checkout)
  5. After Retrofitting, is it possible to face any fog issue inside the headlight? 
    With completing the retrofitting process, it is mandatory to seal the headlight glass with our recommended glue, which will prevent the headlight from dust and water. Hence, no chance of water/fog issue in future. (Initially after installation some fog may appear for few minutes, depending on the moisture in air during the assembly was in open state)
  6. Longevity of the bulb and ballast?
    No need to worry about it, according to the mechanism of the parts, these are meant to serve you for more than you can think of. In short, you will sell your car for a new one, but the setup will be as it is. 
  7. Parts Availability?
    If any parts are required in future for any alteration or anything, all are available with us.  

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Modern Headlamp used in exotic car and other vehicles too for their exactly demarcated beam path and high luminous flux for safe night ride.

High Intensity Discharge Lamp are used in projector setup and very much recommended for its intensity comparatively to halogen bulb even at the same wattage.

It is very important to stay visible and noticeable even at day time for the on coming traffic. Day Time Running Light helps exactly in that. 

The latest electrical circuit that regulates the input and output of the HID light. Good quality ballast is very much recommended as it is the important part in the entire setup.

To carry the high volt current for driving the projector setup, it is very important to have the best quality wiring harness. Motovil India provide only the best ans safe one for you.

Motovil India provides only the Branded projector setup like AES, Hella, Crystal Eye, and etc. Which are Durable, and trust-able. Comes with manufacturing warranty and instant service facility.

What is Motovil RetroLab?

Retrofitting of Projector setup refers to addition of latest headlight technology in the ordinary headlight, which leads to improve the light intensity by 3 to 5 times, roughly from 700 to 3500 or more without blinding the on coming traffic due to it’s anti-glare technology.

Motovil RetroLab is having a fully equipped workshop, where the basic job is to add those latest technologies in your ordinary headlight. We have started our journey in the year of 2012, and since then we have retrofitted a well number of headlights. 

Our goal is to offer you the best parts to retrofit the lighting system of your car. Hence, we are constantly in the process of sourcing the latest technology and best products in market. 

We are based in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. And we are shipping on a regular basis all over the nation, even we have started shipping to specific dealers in overseas. We believe in quality and reliability service to run a successful business. If you are confused where to start from, we are happy to help you out! Send us e-mail or give a call.

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