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Upgrade your Ordinary Headlight to Projector Headlight

Why Upgrade Headlights?

Probably the image could give you a better realization on why it is require to upgrade headlight.

The Image is describing the light intensity difference between the stock headlight and HID Projector.
Imagine a ride without headlight. It’s insane right?
Headlight is one of the most important part of our vehicle as it gives us the clear view on road to drive safely. 
But, the stock headlight is not that up to the mark for a crystal clear view of the road, hence, we ends catching up with some pot holes and unclear obstacles. Where, the HID Projector does the better job of providing wide angle view with high intensity light over the road which gives us confidence on riding. 

Experience design at scale

Converting your ordinary headlight to projector headlight is not only giving a solution to the low intensity problem, but also demonstrating an exclusive design that reflects the beauty of the vehicle. And the DRL setup does a great job too. 


Understand your on coming traffic

Projector headlight is not only providing you with good intensity and bright light, but it is also friendly to on coming traffic. With the low beam, the on coming traffic do not gets blind due to the brightness of the headlight. Which prevents any fatal accidents that occurs only due to this issue.


remain confident at night

However, due to low intensity of halogen light, we always face issues related to lighting. Less intensity and spot focus do not always create the best confident of driving during night. Therefore, projector setup beats the dark with great intensity and focus very intelligently.

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We are not only upgrading the headlight with some latest technology, but also we are crafting it according to your personality and choice. 

Our highly experienced hands are quite reliable to give a new look to your headlamp with Designed Day Time Running Light and Projector setup. 

The Day Time Running Light which are used by us is totally handmade and created with all emotion. 

know about components used in headlight upgrade


Modern Headlamp used in exotic car and other vehicles too for their exactly demarcated beam path and high luminous flux for safe night ride.

Day Time Running Light

It is very important to stay visible and noticeable even at day time for the on coming traffic. Day Time Running Light helps exactly in that. 


To carry the high volt current for driving the projector setup, it is very important to have the best quality wiring harness. Motovil India provide only the best ans safe one for you.

High Intensity Discharge

High Intensity Discharge (HID) Lamp are used in projector setup and very much recommended for its intensity comparatively to halogen bulb even at the same wattage.


The latest electrical circuit that regulates the input and output of the HID light. Good quality ballast is very much recommended as it is the important part in the entire setup.


Motovil India provides only the Branded projector setup like AES, Hella, Crystal Eye, and etc. Which are Durable, and trust-able. Comes with manufacturing warranty and instant service facility.

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Make a beautiful headlight

It has never been easier to design your headlight. Just click the link below