Soumyojit Mukherjee

Co-founder and CMO

His journey from a humble beginning to becoming a pivotal figure in the automotive industry is nothing short of inspiring.


Soumyojit has an excellent academic basis, with an MSc degree from Calcutta University. This educational background paved the way for his future success, providing him with the information and analytical abilities required for a career in marketing and communications.

Early Career

He began at Gujarat Telelink Pvt. Ltd., where he gained experience in payment collecting and sales forecasting. This early experience taught him the value of careful preparation and execution in reaching company objectives.

His subsequent positions as Regional Sales Manager for Asian Paints, Sheenlac, KPT Piping System, and Arrido Plast solidified his image as a dynamic and effective leader. During this phase, Soumyojit displayed his talent for digital marketing and brand development, frequently guiding teams to achieve sales targets.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

His entrepreneurial zeal prompted him to establish “Purple Inc.,” an interior design enterprise. Purple Inc., led by his imaginative leadership, not only provided high-quality projects but also kept over 80% of its clients due to its commitment to sustainability and customer happiness.

This endeavor demonstrated Soumyojit’s capacity to establish and sustain businesses while operating them efficiently even in difficult circumstances.

Joining Forces with Motovil India

Motovil India team recognized Soumyojit’s marketing prowess and strong grasp of the automobile sector and welcomed him as a co-founder and CMO. Soumyojit has played a key role in pushing the company’s branding and marketing strategy, establishing Motovil India as a leading destination for automobile enthusiasts nationwide

Core Responsibilities

At, Soumyojit wears many hats, overseeing Sales, Marketing, and Offline Business Development Strategies. His strategic vision and dedication to excellence ensure that Motovil India continues to set new benchmarks in the automotive sector.

Leading with Vision

Soumyojit’s story is one of ambition, innovation, and unwavering commitment to quality. His contributions to Motovil India reflect his passion for the automotive industry and his belief in the power of marketing to drive growth and success.

As we continue to evolve and grow, Soumyojit’s leadership and vision remain at the heart of everything we do at Motovil India.
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