Rohit Kumar Karmakar

Founder and CEO

The driving force behind Motovil, a company that stands at the intersection of automotive passion and innovation.

Born out of a deep-seated love for automobiles, Rohit’s journey began after completing his Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), where he decided to turn his passion into a profession. His fascination with the intricate details of automotive design and performance has been the cornerstone of his career.

Early Career

In February 2012, Rohit embarked on his entrepreneurial venture by establishing RD Motovil, a proprietorship firm focused on customizing the headlights and taillights of cars and motorcycles.

Initially, his business centered around upgrading these components with projector and Daytime Running Lights (DRL) to enhance nighttime visibility for drivers. This niche service quickly evolved, introducing a wider array of customization options to meet the diverse needs of his clients.

Entrepreneurial Ventures

After four years of successful home-based operations, Rohit expanded his business model to incorporate a workshop-turned-store.
This development enabled him to provide a greater range of services, such as selling numerous vehicle accessories, decorating and painting, and performing routine maintenance and servicing.

By doing so, Rohit guaranteed that all parts of vehicle enhancement and upkeep were handled under one roof, meeting the comprehensive needs of car and motorcycle owners.


Rohit entered the e-commerce industry in 2018, motivated by his previous triumphs and perceiving a big market opportunity.

He envisioned establishing a platform that would not only meet the expanding demand for high-quality, creative automobile accessories, but also serve as a bridge between producers and consumers. Motovil India has evolved as an industry leader under Rohit’s leadership, with a focus on quality and customer happiness.

Core Responsibilities

Rohit is in charge of important aspects at, including technology, product sourcing and administration, and vendor relations. His responsibilities include ensuring that the company maintains its reputation for dependability and competence while always innovating to meet the changing needs of its customers and the automotive industry at large.

A Pioneer in Automotive Innovation

Rohit’s story is a testament to the power of passion, innovation, and entrepreneurship. Through his dedication and vision, he has built Motovil India into a trusted name in the automotive accessories market, setting new standards for quality and customer service in the process.

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